Kenderdine Aromatics

These 3 delightful bath melts can enhance any  relaxing bath.  Made with cocoa butter and organic essential oils simply pop one into a bath, melt a little and remove to save for another day.
Cocoa butter bath melts
Gorgeous bath treats in a bespoke handmade mulberry paper keepsake bag. Contents: large heart shaped bath bomb, fizzy sprinkle, bath salts, three cocoa butter bath melts. Available in a pink or white bag.
Bathing Belle
A selection of 11 mini heart-shaped bath bombs. Each is scented with the essential oils of lavender, orange, grapefruit  or ylang ylang. Each heart weighs approximately 10g. A single heart is sufficient for one bath - or mix and match the aromas. Decorated with homegrown petals - each colour denotes a different essential oil as detailed on the label.
mini bath bomb hearts - eleven
Great for soothing irritated skin and moisturising.  All natural ingredients. Organic oats, organic cocoa butter and lavender and calendula petals. One use only.  25g each 4 per pack
A  stack of  three fizzy bath bombs.  One 25g, 50g and 125g fizzer in each pack.  For a wonderfully scented bath at any time of year.