Kenderdine Aromatics

Gorgeous bath treats in a bespoke handmade mulberry paper keepsake bag. Contents: large heart shaped bath bomb, fizzy sprinkle, bath salts, three cocoa butter bath melts. Available in a pink or white bag.
Bathing Belle
A lovely selection of lavender products for relaxing and pampering. Lavender lipbalm, lavender solid moisturiser, lavender body oil, lavender sachet and lavender fizzy sprinkle.
Lovely lavender gift set
A selection of 11 mini heart-shaped bath bombs. Each is scented with the essential oils of lavender, orange, grapefruit  or ylang ylang. Each heart weighs approximately 10g. A single heart is sufficient for one bath - or mix and match the aromas. Decorated with homegrown petals - each colour denotes a different essential oil as detailed on the label.
mini bath bomb hearts - eleven
For tired eyes or tense heads or just simply to aid relaxation.  Each is filled with organic wheat with the option of additional organic lavender. 180g
Relaxing eye pillow
This selection of gorgeous handmade bodycare products includes a cocoa butter solid moisturiser (45g (new size)), lipbalm stick (5g), oatbag (25g), body oil (10ml), loofah.
Pampering potions