Kenderdine Aromatics

Zingy lime gives this lip balm its distinctive uplifting aroma and the organic avocado oil its colour.  Using a traditional combination of organic beeswax and organic cocoa butter this balm is great to liven up any dreary winters day whilst softening and protecting your lips.  5g
Lime lipbalm stick
Lovely lavender to soothe and moisturise lips.  A wonderful light lipbalm handmade with all natural ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, cocoa butter and organic lavender essential oil. 5g
Lavender lipbalm stick
Made using predominantly organic cocoa butter – which melts at body temperature – these make an ideal moisturiser for your skin – simply pop out of the tub and rub a little onto your skin. Can also be used as a massage bar.  Store in a cool place. Available with geranium, lavender, may chang and ylang ylang essential oils and sizes 45g and 90g
Solid moisturisers - cocoa butters
Ideal for travelling or handbags
Solid moisturiser - geranium and cocoa butter
Ideal for travelling or handbags
Solid moisturiser  - lavender and cocoa butter
Ideal for travelling or handbags
Solid moisturiser - may chang and cocoa butter
An organic cocoa butter solid moisturiser with ylang ylang essential oil.  Great for moisturising the body, handy to pop in a bag.  Ideal for travelling.
Solid moisturiser - ylang ylang and cocoa butter
A  stack of  three fizzy bath bombs.  One 25g, 50g and 125g fizzer in each pack.  For a wonderfully scented bath at any time of year.
This organza bag is filled with wonderfully scented lavender heads.  Ideal for drawers, wardrobes or wherever scent is required.
Lavender bag